About Training

Industry Training…… the Industry for the Industry.
A prime key to success in the Thermography Industry is to ensure that you and your staff have the requisite skills to meet the demands of the marketplace.

An investment in training is an investment in the future of your business.
ATA provides a broad range of training options.

ATA is recognized as the industry’s foremost provider of training. Beginning with pre-entry courses for those young people looking to get into the industry, to the training of to the highest levels of ISO Certification ATA is simply the best place to be.

The range of training doesn’t stop there. ATA provides a broad range of post Certification refresher courses developed to meet the needs of Thermographers.

Most importantly, the training is not limited to Thermography technical skills. It includes training in management, estimating, contract administration, OHS, human resources and industrial relations.

ATA provides you not only relevant but affordable industry specific training in those key areas for you and your staff.
As an ATA Member you get a discounted price on your training.

There is only one Recognised Training Course for Australasia in Thermography and that is AS 3998 / ISO 9712 NDT and

The minimum training hours required for AS 3998 / ISO 9712 Certification in all Industry sectors for Level-1 NDT is 40hrs

*To enroll in Electrical, Building, Pest, Mechanical simply 

* Level 1 & 2 courses are now available next course date late July 2017

* Dates

*Thermography Certification Application Form Thermography Certification Application Form


5.3 (b) be independant of any single predominant interest;

 (c) ensure that it is impartial with respect to each candidate seeking qualification,brining to the attention of the Certification body any actual or potential threat to its impartialty

So before you undertake any Thermography course in Australasia you should ask the question of the training provider are you Qualified within the industry that you are training in?

ie. for the Electrical Industry:-

is he or she a Qualified Electrican and does he or she hold any Australian Certification in Thermography if the answere is no then find a provider that is

This applies to all industry's in Australasia.