Pest Detection

Thermal image

Rapid Solutions (Rapid Training Pty Ltd*) is ATA’S preferred Registered Training Organisation in Australia that specialises in training for Thermography within the Pest & Termite Management and Building Inspection Industry

We can train and assess in any part of Australia or even abroad, as we are committed to improving our customers access to our training through new training and presentation methods that utilise some of the most up to the minute communication technologies.

This short course is an introduction to thermal imaging for timber pest inspectors.

The Training courses program is a practical oriented with a focus on camera use. It is designed for people who have a thermal camera, as well as those who are looking seriously at purchasing a thermal camera

If you already have a thermal camera, have done little or no training and wish to understand how to use your camera more effectively, then this program provides a simple pathway for you to improve both your thermal imaging knowledge and practical skills

If you are serious about purchasing a thermal camera, this program will give you a practical understanding of what the camera can do. It will also help you understand the implications of different camera specifications. You will be able to then purchase a camera that meets your needs.

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